Introducing The First and Only Legal Marketing System of Its Kind...

'Step-By-Step' System Removes
All Guesswork, Waste, & Frustration
From Law Firm Marketing Once And For All... GUARANTEED!!

Isn't it infuriating when you see a second-rate lawyer making a ton of money while you kill yourself to bring new clients in the door?

Don't you get depressed every time you miss an important family event because you have to go to a tedious networking function to try to DRUM UP NEW BUSINESS?

Doesn't it bother you that you spent all that money on law school yet they didn't teach you how to effectively and efficiently attract new clients?

For those of you who don't know me, my name is DAVE LORENZO and I am a business strategy expert working exclusively with attorneys.

A few years ago I was a business leader at a global consulting powerhouse when a group of attorneys came to my office with some very difficult issues. The money they were making was good but they wanted it to be better. Their families were disappointed because they repeatedly missed important events over and over again.

The hours these lawyers were working were insane. They were tired, angry and confused.

They were tired because no matter how hard they worked they could never seem to attract the high quality clients who would pay reasonable fees.

They were angry because they were on the business development treadmill. Attracting a client today, working on the case tomorrow and needing to go out and find a new client the day after. No matter how hard they tried they could never get ahead.

They were confused because they regularly saw people in business making great money and living a better life. They wondered why this wasn't happening for them.

I developed a system for these attorneys to tackle these difficult issues. The system worked and it worked well.


The attorneys didn't have time for me to spoon feed them the information one piece at a time. They wanted results and they wanted them FAST.

So I went back to the drawing board and I distilled the system down into something that was more manageable.

It took almost two years of testing and re-testing but I have created a MARKETING FAST START SYSTEM just for lawyers. I tested it in dozens of law firms with phenomenal results and now, for the first time, the Rainmaker's Marketing Fast Start System is ready to be released to the public.

This system is so effective and such a huge competitive advantage for our clients that we have filed an application for a BUSINESS PROCESS PATENT with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Make no mistake, if you use this system, you MUST sign a nondisclosure agreement. It is so good that we do not want the competition finding out about it.

Let Me Tell You About a few of The Actual Components of this System That, Once And For All, PUTS Law Firm Marketing On AUTOPILOT in Just 30 Days.

  • On Day 2 You engage your clients, former clients and referral sources in a unique way designed to create a referral tsunami that will drive qualified clients to your doorstep.
  • On Day 6 You receive the key that unlocks the prison of hourly billing. Will you make a run at more money in less hours worked or will you remain chained to the time clock? This one secret alone gives you more money in less time.
  • On Day 12 We light the fuse that will lead to a PRODUCTIVITY EXPLOSION as we reveal the three things that immediately boost your efficiency and your effectiveness and give you more time to spend with your friends and your family.
  • On Day 16 You say good bye to problem clients forever as you implement a client selection system that puts velvet ropes outside your law firm and forces clients to EARN THEIR WAY IN. And when they do, they pay you higher fees and you make more money.
  • On Day 23 and Day 24 You discover the one profit growth secret most lawyers will never know and you immediately take advantage of it to build up law firm equity and your personal net worth.
  • On Day 28 Your law firm marketing transformation is nearly complete and you now possess a laser-like focus on the one and only number that matters to your financial future – client lifetime value. As this number grows your income increases and you develop a new found freedom that comes with your ability to generate income on demand.

But Don't Believe Me; Listen To What a Few Lawyers Have To Say...

"As a direct result of this system, my practice increased by over 30% in the first six months."

Bradley Gross, Esq.

"No matter what Dave is charging for the Rainmaker Fast Start System, it is worth every penny. It will help you make a great living and live a great life."

Steven Klitzner, Esq.

"The Rainmaker Marketing System has the Ideas and concepts to help a lawyer or law firm grow their business quickly."

Brett Panter, Esq.

"Thank you for your contribution not only to my firm but to the legal community. The strategies you have made available to me have transformed my practice and my life. Your system has allowed my paralegal and me to provide better service to my clients. This is extremely positive and has increased the referrals from my clients to me."

Mark Fried, Esq.

"Since implementing Dave Lorenzo's Rainmaker Marketing Fast Start System, I no longer spend sleepless night worrying where my next client will come from. The legal marketing systems I discovered have helped my practice grow. I highly recommend it."

Loren Donald Pearson, Esq.

"Thanks for deciding to create The Rainmaker Marketing Fast Start System. As corny as it sounds, I know I am blessed by your having entered my life, both professionally and personally. For those who love the practice of law, it is a real relief to have someone who loves to assist in the promotion of that work."

Barry Stein, Esq.

"David Lorenzo has successfully transferred the skills he acquired during a brilliant career in business consulting to the legal profession. The lawyers in the room who use his system stood out from the crowd for their business vision, practice satisfaction and a solid law firm marketing plan."

Alicia Santana Torres, Esq.

"Rarely do I take the time to write a recommendation or testimonial. You've refueled my fire to practice law. You've made me earn more money. You've made me proud to be an attorney. You've made me a happier person. You've made me a better parent and friend. Read it again because it is the truth. It's also what we all want out of life. Your lawyer marketing process provides those keys to success and for that I thank you."

Scott A. Wagner, Esq.


Keep in mind, these are not typical attorneys. Most attorneys do nothing related to marketing. The typical attorney takes a marketing workshop or buys a book on law firm marketing and never looks at it again. That is why I am throwing down the gauntlet and daring you to...

Take My Risk Free Challenge

Order today and begin to make a great living and live a great life immediately. Follow the Rainmaker's Marketing Fast Start System. Take a full year to decide if it has transformed your law firm marketing, business strategy and personal productivity. If it has not, you can return it to me and I will refund your money. Plus...

I'll Actually Mail YOU $100.00 CASH To Discover My Law Firm Marketing Secrets & Hand You 9 Free Gifts Worth $2,532.00 Just For Taking a Look...

Incredible Free Gift #1ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS: When was the last time that someone actually paid you to focus on legal marketing? I'm so committed to your success that I will actually mail you a check for $100.00 as a BONUS GIFT just for implementing this life-changing system. All you have to do is fill in one action form per week during the 30 days and fax it back to me. Your check will arrive within three weeks by first class mail after you fill in the final form.
Incredible Free Gift#2THE MILLION DOLLAR SECRETS THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW: This is an Audio Program and workbook developed from my interviews with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. It is designed to help you maximize your productivity, focus your business strategy and turbo charge your desire to take action. There are some phenomenal golden nuggets for lawyers crammed into this 60 minute CD. This is a $199 value.
Incredible Free Gift #3A TWO YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE RAINMAKER LETTER. This is my monthly newsletter for lawyers. Attorneys gladly pay $99 per year for this subscription but you will get it for free. Value: $200.
Incredible Free Gift #4 & #5TWO FREE PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY COACHING CERTIFICATES. You get two Private Coaching Sessions where one of our highly skilled productivity coaches work with you one-on-one to help you refine your time management skills. Each certificate entitles you to 15 minutes of private, one-on-one telephone tutoring. Value: $537.00.
Incredible Free Gift #6THE MILLION DOLLAR SECRETS OF POWER PERSUASION – This Audio Program and workbook is designed to help you win over your prospective clients, judges and juries. It delves deep into the psychological aspects of decision science. Value: $199.
Incredible Free Gift #7TWO MONTHS GOLD STATUS MEMBERSHIP IN THE RAINMAKER FELLOWSHIP. This is an exclusive society of high performing lawyers who share their talent, skill, knowledge and experience. As a Rainmaker Fellow, each month you will receive a DVD with insight and observation on the latest trends in business strategy, marketing, productivity improvement and lifestyle enhancement. You will be invited to private meetings, workshops and events that the average lawyer will never know about – let alone receive an invitation. Membership in this group is by invitation only. Value: $198.
Incredible Free Gift #8SPECIAL REPORT: A Guide to Goal Setting for Lawyers: This special report is the foundation for success in personal strategic planning. Deciding what you want is only part of the battle. Creating a road map that will lead you to your desired results is critical to your success as an attorney. This special report details exactly how to set your goals and then take action each day to bring you closer to achieving them. Value: $99.
Incredible Free Gift #9A SPECIAL INVITATION TO ATTEND MY RAINMAKER LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLE: Twice each year I invite some of the smartest leaders in the legal community to a daylong strategic retreat in beautiful South Florida. At this event we share the latest ideas in law firm marketing, business strategy and productivity enhancement. Attendance is limited but you receive priority access which is a value of at least $1,000.

Here Are The Three People Who SHOULD NOT INVEST In This Law Firm Marketing Fast Start System:

The guy who is looking for the magic beans. I don't have the one thing you can do today to make your practice grow tomorrow. If you are looking to plant some magic beans, go to bed and wake up tomorrow with a beanstalk full of clients, you are living a fairytale and I cannot help you.

This system is a sophisticated approach to client attraction. There are interrelated activities that must take place consistently in an orderly fashion. If you are not prepared to follow the system you should not continue reading.

Losers who live in the past. This system will not turn people with a loser mentality into winners. It just will not happen. You must have an open mind and be willing to test new business practices in order to be successful. It doesn't matter who you are if your attitude stinks, no system will turn you into a winner.

People spending their last dime. Your state bar probably has some kind of outreach program that will help you if you are broke. This system is for lawyers who want to take their law firms from good to great. It is for lawyers who understand that they must invest in their future in order to see big results.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You have the opportunity to spend the next 30 days taking control of your law firm and your life. Or you can continue to do NOTHING and HOPE that the phone will ring and clients will magically find you.

Now if you are worried about money, keep in mind that your investment in this Fast Start Marketing System is minimal... less than the daily cost of your lunch and a cup of coffee during the next 30 days. It is less than the cost of a trip to a baseball game. In fact, the investment in this amazing law firm marketing system is less than $15 a day.

Fast Start Marketing System

The investment in this Fast Start Marketing System will be $997 in a few short weeks. But I am extending a special introductory offer to you that will CUT THE INVESTMENT IN HALF but you have to act now. Hurry! This introductory offer ends on the 30th.

If you order today, your investment is not $997 but $547. And you get $100 cash back when you complete the action forms over the first 30 days.

This miniscule investment can easily be recouped by securing less than one new client... and

You Have Nothing to Lose because this System is Backed by Two Iron-Clad, Weasel-Proof, No-Nonsense Guarantees

That's right. You read that correctly.

I offer two industrial strength guarantees with my Rainmaker 30-day Fast Start Marketing System.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Unconditional NO-EXCUSES-NECESSARY- 365 day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with anything at all during the first year that you use this system, simply call me up and request a refund, return the system and I'll give you your money back. That's right. You can receive a full refund for any reason – or for no reason at all - during the first 365 days you use it.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Zero Risk, Money Back, Lifetime Guarantee

The second guarantee I offer is a lifetime guarantee.

That's right. Lifetime. As in FOREVER.

At any time, after the first year, if you put my system to work and you do not get the results you expected, you can return it for a full refund. Simply send me a letter describing what you did, along with your weekly action sheets and the reason you are not happy. You have to implement the strategies. You have to do the work. But if you do, I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Remember you must act now in order to receive the introductory rate.

Others will invest $997 in this system in a few short weeks. If you act now you can have it for only $547.

What are you waiting for? There is no risk. You want more money and more free time. Order now.

Legal Marketing System developed by Law Firm Marketing Expert Dave Lorenzo removes the guesswork from marketing for attorneys.

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